Hiring UX Designer | 5 rules when hiring UX Designer

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When it comes to UX design, there’s a lot that we should know. As an entrepreneur, you would want your product to be the best in all and would like to see every user fall in love with when they use your product. Great UI/UX designers understand the various aspects of UX design and how it can impact your business. But is creating UX only designer’s responsibility?

Here are 5 things you should know when hiring someone to enhance the user experience of your product.

  1. Understanding UX (User Experience):

UX is considered very important nowadays when building a product and creating a brand with a clear vision. UX reflects a meaningful experience of your product which brings pleasant journey for your customer from one step to another, it requires the understanding of the full product, brand, audience, business and how the system works. If you want to say what is UX, in a nutshell, it would be “making every step easy and sufficient for the user”.

  1. UX is more than just web/app design

As an entrepreneur you need to know that UX design is different then UI design (will explain in next article about User Interface), here is the part where art meets science UX involves not only how product looks but most importantly how your product works, that’s why it is important to understand that UX improves with times by getting feedback from various of departments, chances are you might not get it right at first time, but as time passes you will be able to learn more and apply on your product with time.

  1. It’s a teamwork

As mentioned above “it requires understanding of full product, brand, audience, business and how system works” no doubt UX designer plays a huge role in delivering a great user experience product, but we need to have perspectives from marketing, sales, development teams and users feedback, UX designer needs to make sure idea has to be reviewed by various of departments to ensure that the product fulfills customers requirements at its best. If this part you get it right, guaranteed you’ll have a great product at the end.

  1. Transfer the energy

UX requires a great understanding of the idea how your product works, it is important that knowledge transfer has to be delivered properly, you gotta sell your dream and tell UX designer how good your idea is, show him the ways how it’s going to changes lives and what is your vision, make him thrive on the idea, let him ask you questions as much as possible, good UX Designers ask a lot of questions, if he/she understands well the product, there is a great chance you have “the One” UX designer. Deeper the knowledge this person has better every next version will become. transferring a right information will help you get great results.

  1. How to find “The One”

Finding “The One” is not easy at all, it’s like finding a needle in a dark, don’t fall for title, now a days from designer to a content writer mention UX expertise in their resume, you need to make sure the person should know fundamentals of UX, its very important that this person knows how to mature the idea and bring it into reality by getting in touch with other departments, you need to make sure how good their communication skills are during the interview.

If you are looking for UI/UX designer let us know and we will help you in the best way possible and bring your dream project into reality.

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